One Day I Wrote Some Buttons.

Callan Williams, Copyright 1999

Making The Choices
Of A Woman.
See my head & my heart,
not my crotch
Not Responsible for Your Comfort.
Can you figure out what I'm telling you? It's about me not you. Woman Of Transgender Experience.
What you see
is only part of what you get.
You're not gonna see
my crotch anyway.
They're your fears.
Deal with them.
The truth is in my choices. I mean what I say I mean. Not defined by my pee-pee.
Open your mind & heart and you'll find I'm worth it. Imagine what
you look like to me.
Style speaks.
Ignorance follows.
More than you can imagine. The truth is in here --
and I'm telling it.
Freedom means freedom.
Your discomfort is your issue. Become a star
in your own life.
Style is truth told boldly.
Goddess called me to beauty. Are you afraid of strong women? Woman by choice.
Telling my truth
through glamour.
'Cause Goddess told me to, that's why. Jump to a conclusion
and you'll be wrong.
Yes, I'm a queen. Worth the effort. My life, my rules.
If you don't get it,
you don't get it.
I own my own femininity. Reserving Judgement.
You're going to be dead a long time. Live Now. Buttons I wrote. It's the closeted ones you should be afraid of.
If I have only one life,
let me live it as a blonde.
Style takes brains.
Fashion replaces them.
Claiming your heart is claiming your power.
100% Human. Closets are Coffins I am my art.
I thought about it before.
Did you?
I considered all the other options first. I define myself.
Who defines you?
Negotiate your own damn fears. Not after all this work! The best I can be is beautiful.
Your fears. My life. I win. I care about what you feel, but not about what you fear. The road to enlightenment leads beyond gender.
Challenges point out where you need healing. If you believe my truths,
I'll believe yours.
I am an individual.
Your assumptions are wrong. All the edges come together to make me. Well, then, why did God make me this way?
Both our hearts are made of muscle. Both our souls are made of God. If I could explain it in 10 words or less, I wouldn't look this good. It's not about clothes.
It's about what you say with clothes.
Pink or blue?
How about purple?
Sure I'm afraid,
but God told me to.
You keep your dignity,
and I'll keep mine.
Only fools can be fooled. Did I ask you
to worry about me?
Beauty is in the eye of the creator.
Doesn't everyone want to be pretty? I've changed more than my clothes. Woman + Man
= Human = Me
Women's clothes, male body, feminine heart. Do you want to be judged on your body alone? What part of "woman" do you not understand?
She is standing
right in front of you.
Your fears don't make me dangerous. Can you tell I'm not very good at being a man?
Make your own
freedom from fear.
Your Anxiety.
Your Problem.
Be afraid on your own time.
Let's expect the best of each other. Welcome To A Free Society! Can you hear over my penis?
There is no right
to feel comfortable.
Never bitten a head off yet. More scared of you
than you are of me.
God's Child. As lovable as you. Doing the best I can.
Maybe we're both right. I'm A Victim Of Your Heart. Amazon & Proud
Justice For One,
Justice For All.
Using the full pallette of humanity. I even keep surprising myself.


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