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from the Trans-Theory List Archive

In Praise Of Gender Gender As Advertising A post-transgender life
The bedsprings which hold us Primal Sex or Primal Heart? more fundamental than gender.
Violence As Empowerment? No Thanks. The Appearance Of Normativity about contrariness
Seeing ourselves as others see us Naked For Christmas The hardest work.....
The Worst (and Best) of Power Include Me Out Evaluating A Gender Role
TG: Renegotiating Your Communication With The World. Do Otters Have Gender? What Are Words?
Trans As Rejection, Trans As Acceptance The Mythical She-Male Passing Distance
Playing Roles: Mine, Theirs & She-Males Entering Jerry's World Old Salts
Should Biology Follow Society or Society Follow Biology? The Sex/Gender Connection Supreme Suffering
Seeks Perfection
The Primacy Of Personal Responsibility No, No, Not Like Them The Four Responses
Time and Betrayal and Healing Morality & Gender Owning Your Story
Shut Them Up or Learn To Put Up? Gender, Reproduction, Sex The Paradox Disorder
"Are you so anti-essentialist that lived experience counts for nothing?" Sexuality Labels and Transgender good example
Female Yourself and/or Become A Woman Female and/or Woman bad examples
Can Transpeople Be Fundamentally Separated By Sex? What do I do
when I meet a TG person?
Black Dusters
and Nail Polish
bedrooms, lives: sex is gender, gender is sex. Are you a Flip? Hypothesis:
Outing as a plan
Unconcious Gender on relationships Vigor Of Idealism
The Obligations Of (A) Character Hate Vs Fear:
The Good Old Days
What Constitutes Standing?
The Myths We Build Identities On Violating Women Violating Taboos
Crossdressing: Men's Fashion or Feminine Hearts Violating Transsxuals Violating Manhood
Linkage: Sex And Sexuality We Got No Choice? Claim & Substantiation
In Praise Of Madness & Sanity Speaking In Tongues Public Morality
Gender As Symbol Butch/Femme Selfish Trannies
Belief in Biology, Belief In God Passing On Female The Truth About Sex

One, Two, Infinite

Harping on Sex vs Gender Affinity Politics
AttractionFear Trannyburn Je t'accuse!
ParrotLike mything the point Double Queer
Emigrating To Woman Refugee From Manhood Fear & Erasure
What did you do in the war, Daddy? heterosexuality is Defense Is Attack


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