Callan Williams


Political: 1995 IFGE Keynote

Spiritual: Pure Transformation, 1995 Southern Comfort Keynote

The Rainbow Speech: A TG Stump Speech (1994)

The Big Secret: On Empowerment (1997-1998)
(includes "dream makers" "You have no idea how impotent I feel" and The Worst (and Best) Of Power )

Building Bridges: Links with LGBT (1997)

Introductory Essays

two things to tell you my suffering is not important (1999)
Gender As Advertising 1999 Gender as Communication (1999)
The Challenge Of Transgender
Sex & Gender Simplified
How can we think about transgender? (1999)
Five Minutes on TG
Hello From Hell
Two Reasons To Be Wary
Introductory essays on transgender
for LGBT Students, Clinical Social Workers & Lesbians (1997)
The one thing to know about TG Introductory Essay for Law Enforcement (1998)
The Transgender Employee Introductory Essay for Employers (1997)
Transgender Laissez Faire
Shopping As Sacrament
Do You Believe In The Market?
Claiming space for transgender in a market economy (1997)
Notes To A Crossdresser
Wanted: Woman to Transform Me
Guys and Grace
How do crossdressers find peace? (1996,97)
A Parents Briefing Sheet What can parents say about TG? (1998)
What parents say Parents get scared. (1999)
Post-Gender Gender Can we move beyond gender? (1997)
A Seat At The Table How do we claim a seat at the table? (1998)
TG & Recovery: The Slides A presentation at SCC (1994)
It's The Penis Is it all about that bit of flesh? (1996)
Fear & Lingerie: Gonzo IFGE 1994 Dr. Hunter Thompson at a Tranny Conference
TG & Clothing Why is dressing up so important? (1994)
Broken Mirrors A poem about finding yourself. Performed at IFGE1998
Do Transsexuals Have A Choice? From 1996
The Whys Of Transgender The three "Why" questions (1996)
Why does gender have to be so hard?
Gender is Gender masculine and feminine (1994)
On Being A Grown Up the power of acting-out (1996)
The Hardest Thing About Being Trans (1996)
Thirdhand Fear Well, I don't have a problem, but others might, so. . . .
The History Question How much history can you consider? (1996)
Explain! Defend! Justify! Who can demand an explanation?
Rush: A Woman What makes a woman anyway? (1996)
Men & Everyone Else How do men see the world? (1994)
Safe Spaces From Tapestry (1994)
Freedom Of Gender Expression Free expression (1996)
Those Heterosexual Gays TG == Faggot (1994)
On Leaving Transgender Travelers & Tourists (1999)
Funeral For A Murdered Tranny (1999)
Responsible Gender How can we be gender responsible? (1997)
Self Loathing Watch a tranny attack (12/99)

Going Places

A Mitzvah In Woodstock:
Rachel Pollack's Bat Mitzvah
Bringing our gifts back home (1998)
Sex Death and Gender:
Kate Bornstein in New Paltz
A performance about claiming life (1999)
List announcement: TransVictim Ranking Opressions. . .
Stealing Babies What do people fear about queer? (1998)
Starting Over
-- And Over, And Over, And Over
Rebirth is messy -- especially for others! (1998)
The Bridge From Selfishness Is it all about us?
Queer Kids Who really gets harassed in school?
Without Authority Can we feel good about authority?
Without My Permission Where are the boundaries of consent?
Dyke Failure (1998)

Four Trips To Toronto (1998)

04/04/98: The World Needs More Canada

05/22/98: The First Fear

08/24/98 Glass Callan

12/14/98: Colors and Rust

Seeing Queerly (1997)
Written as a collumn for my local Gay & Lesbian Center newsletter

Butches & Queers & Drags -- Oh My! Hearts & Crotches
Gimme An LGBT on Toast! The Desire Question
The Celebration Of Shadow Selves Truth Or Lies
The Chutzpah To Be Queer Not Funny?
What Are We Proud Of? R-E-S-P-E-C-T
A Wound Wrapped in A Rationalization.

Some 1997 Essays

Demanding To Be Able To Give Like It's Normal Learning To Lie
The Responsibility Of Being Queer. Interdependence Day '97 Without Doubt
Transy Tokens Not A Man-In-A-Dress Fear Of Fag
The One Thing You Should Know About Transgender

Uniting as Allies includes To Give Our Gifts , "It's All About Me Not You." , Accepting Meaning: "I Don't Get It" vs. Nuance. and A Whore For the Cause

It's the Packaging, Stupid and other notes from Outwrite98

Learning To Lie: A Collection includes Being Called A Liar, The Costs Of Learning To Lie , What We Share, Facing The Responsibility Of Being Queer., Claim & Substantiation and more

Transgender & Partners includes Talking To Partners, The Lean Out and more

The Christmas Collection includes Naked For Christmas , Performing Naked, Both A Memory And A Promise , Claiming The Light, The Drag Queen Who Saved Christmas , Christmas Is For Children and more

A Callan Christmas 99

New Year, New Commitment, New Life

The Guy In A Dress Line: Why both sides are wrong (Transgender Tapestry, Winter 2000)

Dance Of the Witch: Is Transgender Faith Based Discrimination? (November 1999)

October 99 : notes from my rant, group distinctions, mission from god, guy-in-a-dress (draft)

Halloween 99 : I am a witch

November 99

Build A World


Playing With Myself

When Worlds Collide

Cut It Off

Rage From The Calmness


beyond desire, beyond flesh?


Odd Day the quest for contrast exposure
communication frustration ecstasy and the third gotcha the failure of the feminine


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