Church Of the God Within – A New Religion

tracts by Kellie Everts

The Church Of God Within

Where is God?

Why did God create me?

How does the consciousness of unity relate to my happiness?

Are humans the only life on earth that can be considered spiritual – that receive the "supernatural" grace of God & that ascend into heaven death?

Can humans do anything they want to other life (animate & inanimate) on earth? Are they allowed by God to exploit, pollute & destroy?

What is Sin & What does sin do to me?

Is there any religion on earth that I can turn to right now that will guide me in all things?

Is sex a sin? That is to say, Are Fornication, Masturbation & Adultery sins against God?

Do I need to a physical church to prove my loyalty to god in this or any religon?

What are the primary sins in the world today

Satan rules the world, & he works through men.

How does god look upon the team of female and male?

What is the Nature of God? How does God relate to life in our universe?

What is Union with God?

What is the Nature of Gad Apart from God’s creation. Or What is God Like Not In Her Creation, But in Her Substance?

When we are stripped of our physical or the consciousness thereof, we merge into that eternal infinite consciousness? Do All Who Die Merge Into This Infinite Bliss?

Is This, then, The Nature of Purgatory?

Is there a difference Between the Natural and the Supernatural?

What is the Greatest Joy or Satisfaction in this Earthly Life?

There is No Difference Between Animal & Human-God & Human. All are one & the Same.

How Do You Look Upon the Role of Animal vs. People? Are Animals inferior to People? What Rights should Animals Have?

Is War Inevitable? Is Human Nature, at base, Violent, Selfish & Greedy?

How Do You Look Upon the Dissidents, such as Noam Chomsky? Those Who Criticise Government Policies Which are Cruel and Unfair?

How Will God Change the World So that Male-domination War Governments Will Cease?

What Should Those in Politics Fight For In Order to Set Right the Wrongs?

On What Moral Ground is Euthanasia Wrong?

What of Humans Who Ask for Another to Assist Them in Dying

Is Kellie Everts An Avatar?

If Kelli Everts is an avatar – who or what is an avatar?

Do avatars know everything?

Why nobody has rid the world of puritanicalism & the double standard

Is Kelli Everts an avatar?

Examples of avatars

Her life:


Matriarchy Versus Patriarchy

Matriarchy vs patriarchy

Calling Believers

Calling believers

Is patriarchy good to men?

What about sex?

What is the purpose of sex anyway? Is it only for procreation?

One is how does patriarchy deal with homosexual men and two how does patriarchy deal with sincere macho men who go to war?

The Image Of God

What is important about the image of god – what qualities should an image of god have?

Revelation 1 – Principal 1

Where is God?

God is in every atom of life – in every plant, animal and cell.

God is the source of life within every atom, and God exists beyond the atom in the spiritual realm.

( end of revelation 1 )


Why did God create me?

God created me for happiness. Happiness consists of unity, the consciousness of unity between all living things (even inanimate things.)

The unity of all creation; and in knowing that all creation comes from one source: God the Mother.


How does the consciousness of unity relate to my happiness?

I must know that I belong to the creation of God created for a Reason,
and that God is mother
and that all other life exists for a reason
and that I am related to all other life animate, inanimate, as kin.

We are all interdependent,
and when I see the connection between all life,
I can appreciate it.

God is one body or one source (although God is not physical at the source)
and we are all physical manifestations (with spiritual source )
and someday we will return to that one source.


Are humans the only life on earth that can be considered spiritual – that receive the "supernatural" grace of God & that ascend into heaven death?


All life is spiritual & certainly animals can ascend into heaven.

All life contains God.
All life has God as its source.
And all life, upon dissolution, returns to its source, eventually.


Can humans do anything they want to other life (animate & inanimate) on earth? Are they allowed by God to exploit, pollute & destroy?

NO. Humans should not do anything destructive to other created life, except the bare minimum needed for survival & maintenance of their life. They should not cut down any more trees then necessary, nor kill any more animals then necessary for food.

Growing of food is good & animal farming is fine as long as the animals are treated humanely.

To strip the earth of its resources & leave it bare is a grave sin.
To injure & kill animals for the sake of luxury or testing for any reason is serious sin.
To injure & kill other humans,
to enslave & exploit them,
to rob them of their resources,
is terrible sin.


What is Sin & What does sin do to me?

Sin works against my own happiness. Sin deprives me of the vision of God, both in this life and in the next.

In this life, my lack of unity sets me apart from other life, so that instead of belonging to all life, I am separate, & God did not make me to be separate.

By not loving other life, I deny its bond with myself & in this separation, I lose my happiness, because I lose the vision of reality when I separate myself into a limited enter.

This prison which I have made on earth, continues in the spiritual dimension because my consciousness that I created, continues in the spiritual dimension because my consciousness that I created, indeed, this life on earth is my opportunity to form my eternal consciousness.


Is there any religion on earth that I can turn to right now that will guide me in all things?

No – and it is this reason that this new religion is being composed.

There are parts of many religions that are excellent & these parts will be included here. But I find something lacking in all religions, either in their dogma, or in their interpretation or in their administration. Most religions are hopelessly anti-woman & pro-male & this male domination contains the male violence against women, animals & nature, & the exploitation thereof.

Some religions are innocent of these attitudes (Christian Science, Unity Church) but they do not address the sins of male domination nor the remedy for them.

Christian Science stands out as an excellent religion because Mary Baker Eddy stated God as Father-Mother, and also pointed out that the ultimate reality is spiritual not material. This would release the female from a sense of inadequacy and inferiority as inflicted by male dominate religions, but it did not tackle the issue of the harm done by male dominated religions and the remedy for it .

The Buddhist and Hindu religions mystically excellent, but in their cultural context – the way they are interpreted and administrated – there is the poison of the male domination.

The Christian religion has some excellent doctrine, but also contains the poisons of male domination – most notably: the denigration, enslavement and exploitation of women. The doctrine which sets up humans as unique and animals as not capable of the grace of God sets up the occasion of serious sins against animals and nature and also cuts us off from animals and nature as our brothers and sisters, deserving equally of love, life and happiness.


Is sex a sin? That is to say, Are Fornication, Masturbation & Adultery sins against God?

Certainly not.

What are sins are the male – domination sins of rap, child abuse, sex-related killings & exploitation of female for breeding purposes.

The concept of sex sins come out of male-dominated religion for the purposes of controlling females and perceiving them as male-owned reproductive vehicles.

Males envision females as belonging to them and their religion reflects this. Therefore, they believe that females are not sexually autonomous, but created solely for the sexual pleasure of men and for procreating the children the male wants to have.

Males are encouraged to use women for all their sex pleasure, so masturbation and homosexuality are discouraged. This is a directive to men to use women for sexual release – and to accept no substitute, not even masturbation, as if it is the responsibility of women to take care of all sex needs. This attitude encourages men to deploy all their sex energy in the pursuit and harassment of women. Part of the strategy of this is to wear women down for all men.

Fornication is a "sin" for which only females are punished – so this proves that this "sin" is designed to control women. This "sin" tells women they are not allowed to have sex for pleasure – they cannot be free with their bodies through "fornication." The male system tries to shunt them into an off-limits role where they are good only as garbage disposals for male sperm, but not for motherhood, because paternity could not be determined in a sexually free woman.

On the other hand, women are also punished for charging money for sex – because in doing so, they claim their own bodies as a resource to exploit for their own benefit. But males challenge this belief, and by criminalizing the sale of sex, they state the female body belongs to them to exploit.

Prostitutes are then punished by being relegated to the lowest rung of society: the untouchable, because they have committed the unpardonable double sin of making themselves independent of men by charging for sex pleasure.

"Whores," on the other hand, are not considered evil as prostitutes, because they give themselves at no cost, but they are looked upon with contempt considered unfit for motherhood. But they are not arrested & put into jail for their "sins."

If fornication is a sin or a crime, punishable by law, it should be a sin/crime whether money is passed or not, and it should be applicable to both sexes. But males are not ostracized, denigrated, criminalized or jailed for the "sins" mentioned, which proves these acts are called sins for male convenience. Serious sex sins – mostly committed by males, such as rape and child abuse, result in more often the victim being punished instead of the perpetrator.

There is a double standard of sin here and a double standard of legal justice system, all resulting from male-domination religion. Adultery is also primarily a sin for the woman. The male wants to make sure the children are his. Based on these facts, no person cold take seriously the male-religion sex "sin" of fornication, masturbation & adultery.


Do I need to a physical church to prove my loyalty to god in this or any religon?

Certainly not! God is within you, and your body and mind as well as heart, are the temple and church where God is housed.

What God wants from you is you. You give yourself to God by your words, deeds and affections, and most of all by your consciousness. Your consciousness is formed by everything about you, but most of all by the way you think. The way you think makes you loyal or disloyal to God.

If you set yourself apart from God in your thoughts, then you are dishonest and you deceive yourself. And if you set others apart from God – any other life or creation – you are also lying to yourself and God for all things are connected with God. That is being disloyal to God – that is separation from God.

You separate your self from God by separating God from your mind, not your body in terms of being absent from a church building.

To miss church service is not a sin. Mandatory church attendance is, I suspect, a device by the churches to get money out of those in attendance. It's hard to collect money from those who stay home. Church of the God within may have services or meetings but to be absent from these is not sin.


What are the primary sins in the world today

What is real sin in this world, first and foremost, is war. War of aggression and genocide. Attacks on other people and slaughtering of people because they are different and in order to rob them of their resources.

It is a sin to wage wars against others – but it is not a sin to defend oneself when attacked. When indigenous peoples are attacked, it is the aggressors who are guilty of sin, but the Indians, the New Guineans, and all natives who fight back, are not guilty of sin.

A military economy that prepares for wars perpetually and deprives people of decent housing, food and education is a sinful economy. Those who cause such a system are all the wrongs associated with male-domination war economies are major sins.

Attacking, injuring and killing innocent people is sin.

Stealing land, possessions and resources is sin.

Economic enslavement – where people get paid less than subsistence wages, is sin.

Unfair exploitation of poor and weak is a sin. Creating an economy where the poor have no choice but to join the military is a sin.

Military and industrial pollution is serious sin.

Interfering with nature in any significant way – which makes it difficult or impossible for her to recover – is a sin.

Male domination branwashing is sin. This includes the brainwashing though religion. Women are taught to be submissive to men from childhood so they can't fight back for their own sake, the sake of their children, or other life on this planet. This gives sinful males the freedom to pillage and rap the land and everything on it.

These are the primary sins on earth today – warfare & all the evil that goes with it: the injury, disruption & termination of innocent life.

There is also harm done to women, animals & nature.

All these sins stem from male domination.

These are the individual sins against God & one's fellow creatures, but these are minor compared to the wholesale sins of those who control government & industries that decide the fate of life on the planet on a large scale.

And these major sins are the sins the public should most be concerned with – since it is these sins that affect every man, woman, & child & creation on earth now & in the future.

And if is these monumental sins that religion should most be concerned with & dealing with, and if it is not, then our religion on earth today is not responsible religion.

The issues of church attendance, masturbation, fornication, adultery & so on, are insignificant compared to the sins stated. They are not even sins.

Even less significant are issues like clothing or nudity, makeup, personal behavior that does not injure others, etc. What are these compared to global destruction?

But since all the major religions on earth today are tools of male domination they would not address themselves to these issues. (Although there are individuals who tackle these problems in spite of lack of interest from the institution.) They even condone them in many cases – as in condoning wars.

Instead they want to concern themselves with the personal behavior of individuals & they preach habits & problems. They do address personal salvation, but in many religions, this is done in a very narrow & dogmatic way, looking at others in different religions as being substandard.

Often the path to salvation is seen only as allegiance to one church, one divinity, one method, one mode of behavior & they believe there is no other point of view. This restricts the individual into a sense of being elite & superior & does not recognize the spirituality of many other who take different paths, & so this is not a comprehensive view of God.

This is not godly.

But what is most disturbing to me, about religions, is they are not concerned with global issues & instead distract people with guilt & fear concerning personal issues.

Personal salvation does have a place, but not the only place. It is one part of the paradigm of loving God.

The other part is global salvation. And that is the part religion only gives lip service to. It is secular organizations that are filling the gap religion leaves behind.

The fact that organized religion does not address itself to the sins of male government proves that they are part of the problem. They are a part of male government & guilty of sins with it.


Satan rules the world, & he works through men.

This revelation was the first major message given to me by God at the beginning of my mystical development. I had been practicing yoga for over a year and I had recently met my then mentor, Rev. Verna Talbot. Because of her infusion of light into me, and because of my yogic disciplines, I was able to make contact with The God Within, which some call "Master," "The Inner Voice," or by many other titles.

And the first major thing my voice said to me was that which I have here stated.

The revelation frightened me.

I did not know what to do about, nor was I able to speak of it except in the last few years. I believe that now is the first time I will be able to so anything about it.

In this revelation, God specifically told me that Satan works through the male gender, & not the female, that all institutions that are male-dominated, are the institutions by which Satan works to rule the world – that means government, culture, religion – every institution controlled by males.

On the contrary, within this revelation is the fact that Satan does not work through the female, and that Satan works against the female, through the male race, to destroy female. The female cannot be out & out killed, because she is needed for procreation, but all her resources are harnessed for the deployment of male/Satan. This way neither the earth nor female can be free and the earth is put into a veritable hell.

This vision was frightening to me because I saw no chinks in the armor of working for feminine salvation in this world, or for the issues concerning the female.

There was no way to get through the armor of male institutions with this message that I could see.

Fortunately, both the world & I have come along way since then, and I do see opportunities now for this message to be pronounced. In fact, today, my eyes are opened to see that many in the world are fighting against Satan & a lot of good – a tremendous amount of good has been done by those who have been fighting,

There is not only great hope, but today, in this era, is the greatest hope we have ever had.

This time God will win.

How long it will take for God to return the world to the just, to the femminine, I don't know. This is what is called the "Second Coming of Christ," and the "Return of the Goddess."

And I call it, "The return of Christ, this time as a woman."


How does god look upon the team of female and male?

God looks upon the female as superior to the male and created her as the head, with him as the helpmate.

The female's 2X chromosomes are the biological language of God, saying she is the superior sex and must rule. (see Ashley Montagu, " The Natural Superiority of Women" Collier Books-Macmillan Publishing.)

The female is biological mother of life. Without her life cannot continue. Her egg is a reproductive cell, the male sperm is not.

The female can reproduce in absence of the male, but the male cannot do so without the female.

The female is first and foremost creation, and male the secondary creation. Each one must do what she\he is designed to do. They do have two different roles according to what god suited them for.

The reality we see on earth today is exactly the opposite of what god intended to be, and that is why the entire earth is in chaos and misery.

Woman is the leader – the head of the household and the world. She is equipped for this because she is responsible for her children: all the children of the world The male is not responsible – and see how his rulership has made a mess of things.

The male is one part of the woman, one X chromosome, highly developed. He was always supposed to be the watchdog, the bodyguard and the helper. A guard is supposed to be capable of violence under attack – and it is this violence that apparently, in some males, has exploded. When these males separated from female domination, they become marauders, plunderers & killers; completely destructive to women and children.

To see how the male rules is to look at history and history is the story of male violence: killing, raping, plundering and exploiting. From the first plundering hordes, right up to the present, history is the same.

Where is the responsibility?
Where is the nurturing?
Where is God?

It is in the woman.

(& some men know this, believe this, and are fighting for this truth.)

But the woman has somehow lost herself – her power.

Or rather, her power has been subjugated by the male and used for his dimwitted benefit, to the detriment of the whole planet.

Riane Eisler, in "The Chalice and The Blade," (HarperCollins) says that the original message of Christ was one of total equality for the female – including female ministry – and one of feminine values. This message was twisted by the men that took over his religion.

I suggest that when Christ fulfills the prophecy of his return, it is his original message, his original religion, that will return. The power of feminine principles – those of love, nurturing, responsibility and growth instead of hate, bloodshed and violence, will return to the planet.

It is the woman, primarily, that has the vision of what life is about. Some males have it, but it is less common for them to understand. It is easier for the woman to have the whole view of life because it is her birthright to create it.

That view is exactly as stated in Revelation 1, that all life is one. That we are all brothers and sisters and kin to all life on earth including the inanimate. All life comes from one source and will return to it, and we, as the most intelligent life on earth, are responsible for what we do to it.

Killing, plundering, marauding, is not what God wanted for humans. This did not happen under female domination, or when male and female worked in partnership.

Somehow, the male got the best of female in spite of her superiority. I believe this was and is the work of Satan.

It is male, through disobedience, not female, that got mankind thrown out of paradise. It was his disobedience to God and female, and obedience to Satan that cast humanity out of its ideal home. Perhaps this happened over a time of evolution.

Let us suppose that female was once powerful and was within herself a complete person, exercising all her powers both dominant and nurturing. (Today we see females primarily in the submissive posture.)

For some reason, she allowed the male to develop his aggression, while she herself ceased developing it, and the role of male and female split in two. As long as he was obeyed, he was an animal that was not dangerous. Even becoming very aggressive and physically strong, he would not be dangerous to others as long as he was obedient.

Perhaps his role as guardian and heavy labor worker was made easier by his aggression and strength and that’s why it was allowed.

Whereas the female, by her giving up her aggression and physical strength, became more active in creativity, culture, and intellectual pursuits. Rulership, intellectual work does not require aggression and great physical strength.

All was will until the male broke off from female domination.

I believe the Bible of Satan saying God, "I will not serve." It is a corollary not only of what happened in Heaven, but what happened on earth.

Certain males did break off from female domination and in so doing, they turned their back on God. They invited Satan into their spirits, and became demonic. These violent males were no doubt ousted from the community. They developed another lifestyle, a demonic one.

Riane Eisler explains this in her book. Men traveled in large hordes and were herders and slaughterers of animals. And they lived by killing and plundering, raping and subjugating women to their rule. Eventually, and unfortunately, they took over the entire planet, and now, the spirit of the satanic force has over swept the whole world!

The hell that God threw Satan into – after his and his cohort’s rebellion – also had a corollary on earth. That is the earth we live in today, with all its horrors and threat of nuclear annihilation, all caused by male violence.

No, we do not live in paradise any more with this hanging over our heads.

It is interesting that many great saints emphasize time and time again, how much the devil hates the woman, He sees woman as being the greatest threat to his power and violence.

Perhaps the greatest mystic of all time, Ven. Mary of Agreda, wrote in her "Mystical City of God" (published by Ave Maria Institute in New Jersey) that Satan, in particular, did not want to bow to the female, who God told him he would one day have to serve-in the person of the BIessed Virgin. And when he cried, "No!" God said, "The woman shall crush thy head!"

We often see pictures of our BIessed Lady, standing on the world, with her foot on the head of a serpent, which represents Satan.

That day is upon us!

The intellect of the woman will crush the mind of the demonic!

Her power against his will crush him!

This is what the female will do to the demonic male on this planet.

I suggest that the female has to reabsorb, or reanimate, all her powers of old. The latent powers, once in her, which she relinquished to the male, she must now reassert. That includes her aggression and violence also.

But I do not suggest that she become demonic.

But I am saying she is going to have to take government out of the hands of men, and protect the planet from evil men henceforth. And she cannot do this in a submissive posture!

The female will have to take over, and once she does so, she will have to maintain control of the planet, and all the "technology" in it, or else Satan/male will wage war against her again. All war technology has to be either dismantled or put into the hands of female. This will not be done in one generation, but it can be done!

At a time when the United Nations has determined that female equality with men will be in a thousand years (at the current rate of progress), woman will have to step up the campaign. But even now, it will take more time than we would wish.

The bible says that Satan, once he was cast into Hell, from then on made war against mankind, and especially woman. Always, since his story began, the greatest object of his hatred has been woman.

No one has been so much repressed, so much used and tortured, as the female. In his governments, rule goes from one male to another, but the female never rules (almost never.)

So men have their day, at least some get their moment in the sun, their victory, and their pleasure. But women never do.

If males were only against God, then women would sometimes rule. They would allow that.

But in particular, their war is against women. It is women/God that they are against – it is both.

Woman is the greatest threat to his power. Woman is the original creation, the original being, and woman contains within herself the greatest resources on earth. She is biologically and intellectually vastly superior to the male, and that is why he must crush her.

What male has done to the woman, and her progeny, is Satan dragging us all into hell – almost.

It is Hell enough that for many, life does not seem worth living.

Look at the work of Satan as described in the Bible: Satan was a liar from the first. He controls the media, education and culture with lies. He is a thief. He steals from the poor and underprivileged. He disrupts cultures and steals land. And then exploits it.

He takes for himself all that he can, all that is not his. He destroys. Oh, how he destroys!

Shall I make a shopping list? The list of what he destroys can be summed up in one word: everything. He destroys nature, animals, women, children, and other men. He destroys happiness. He destroys our ability to enjoy the life God has given us on earth.


What is the Nature of God? How does God relate to life in our universe?

God exists in every atom (and therefore every cell) as the substance and the idea within each component of life. God infuses both the energy and the potential into each life-each individual atom and cell.

Let us speak in biological terms, but the same applies to like rocks, metals and dirt. God is the idea and the power to fulfill the idea in each cell. If God were not in the cell – if God were not in the atom – then God would be a separate or alien life apart from us. But God is not separate or alien.


What is Union with God?

Union with God is the knowledge and consciousness of the presence of God within my person and in finding this union with God, I understand that God is united with all creation.

When I discover this union I am also infused with the reason for living – as God is the presence and the reason of my life.

In this union, therefore, there is the impetus and the motive of life and without this union there is not the impetus or motive.

Without union with God, I exist at the mercy of outside forces… trying to discover who I am, what I am, and what I am living for by outside barometers. This is a piecemeal proposition, where nothing adds up to a complete picture.

"There is no knowledge like the knowledge of union with God and this could be called the knowledge of "I am that I am," which means, "I exist for myself. I exist because I am created. I need no other reason outside of myself to exist."

Seeking outside is to seek one’s reason by outside forces, by reflection of one’s life against other things, but to find God within is to reflect one’s reason out of oneself, to see the reason within, and to see this is to understand that one needs no excuse- no outside motive, for living.

To have been created is enough reason to live (one need not have to live for something or someone else.)


What is the Nature of God Apart from God’s creation. Or What is God Like Not In Her Creation, But in Her Substance?

In her substance, God has no walls. In creation, God is limited by the ideas or potential in each created component. But traced back to substance/source or stripped of physical, God is infinite by nature, having no limitation or constriction and having an eternal capacity.


When we are stripped of our physical or the consciousness thereof, we merge into that eternal infinite consciousness? Do All Who Die Merge Into This Infinite Bliss?

Not all who die merge into this infinite bliss. Some are held back by their own thought constructs and created walls around themselves. These walls are as if they still had physical bodies or limitations.


Is This, then, The Nature of Purgatory?

Yes. In living on earth, we are compelled, by nature, to do two things.

One, is to fulfill our destiny according to how God made us, according to God’s ideas or design of us.

And second, we hope to shed our physical consciousness or physical limitations – even while we are in our physical bodies. Then our consciousness merges with the infinite.

While consciousness is yet not ascended or liberated – the individual lives in a fragmented rather than an eternal state. This fragmentation presents walls, constructs limitations against infinity. They are the things which keep one walled off from God-In-Substance.


Revelation 3---Principal 3

Is there a difference Between the Natural and the Supernatural?

No, there is no difference between the natural and the supernatural.

That which we perceive as the supernatural is the natural in a more intense form – or in a form we don’t yet understand.

When we see a miracle we say only God can do it.

But God is within us. When the God part of us does a miracle (or the God power from another source) we cannot understand the process because the God power is beyond our human sense.

Miracles can be done by the human will when the human unleashes or summons the God power. (Usually from within oneself.)

To put it another way, we can either say that everything is natural or everything is supernatural. God and life are one and the same thing. The natural world is the outward manifestation of God. But all of life returns to God-the spiritual form. So all of life could be supernatural.

What is important to say is that there is no difference between the two, but to identify with God as our source- the meaning within us, the energy that empowers us and the light that illuminates our minds.

End Revelation 3


What is the Greatest Joy or Satisfaction in this Earthly Life?

The greatest joy or satisfaction – or comfort – in this life is the sense of belonging.

God has created us as a part of a unit-not as independent creatures. (Although we need independence from undue/unwarranted domination or control)

We are a part of a family, a society, a human race, a planet, and a universe. There is a continuity in all this. To have a sense of belonging gives a creature comfort, security, well being, peace and continuity.

Hardships can be endured when there is togetherness, when there is a sense of caring from one to the other.

But when this sense is lacking-there is loneliness, isolation, alienation, anxiety, and a sense of being suspended is nowhere.

This is not what God wants. The vision stated in as Revelation 1 is the beginning of our religion; that God is in the atom and every cell, will give the world the sense of continuity.

But society is at fault when it walls off certain people from acceptance. Discrimination, ostracism, harsh class boundaries, untouchables, make certain people feel that they do not belong, that they are not bona fide members of the planet, and this destroys their happiness.

In the male-dominant society there is no cushion for children who are alienated by their families through abuse or neglect, and this causes mental injury that can continue throughout a lifetime.

There has to be a place for everyone. When one is rejected in one place one should be able to go elsewhere for acceptance: but when there is nowhere, one has no comfort or continuity.

It is the fault of Society – our system of government – that so many people are unwanted, unwelcome and unhappy. When a person cannot receive services or sustenance from society that person suffers double misery, the least of which is physical deprivation.

The worst injury is to deprive someone of the sense of belonging – of being a meaningful member of our world. When this happens, a person feels unwelcome – unwanted. With this sense, the joy and inspiration of living ceases.


Revelation 4, Principal

There is No Difference Between Animal & Human-God & Human. All are one & the Same.

There is no difference in terms of some life needs more acceptances and other life needs less. All life has a desire to live until its time is ended and it wants to die, voluntarily, and return to its source – God.

God does not love one life more than another. God loves all life equally. All life has equal rights to life and happiness in the mind of God.


How Do You Look Upon the Role of Animal vs. People? Are Animals inferior to People? What Rights should Animals Have?

People are a species of animal. It would not be wrong to look at other animals as persons – different kinds of persons.

It is arrogant for Homo sapiens to set themselves apart from other animals – so different, in their minds, as if they were above animals.

Catholic male domination says that we are animals, by, just a little lower than angels. We are "human & divine."

But animals are divine, too. Every atom has God in it as its substance. Cannibalism is a taboo – but essentially – eating any flesh is the same.

Euthanasia is a taboo – for Homo sapiens. But it is taught that the most merciful thing to do, when other species are seriously ill or hurt, is to put them out of their misery.

People are encouraged by their bets to bring in their beloved pets, when they are in bad shape, to be killed.

Would you kill a member of your family if he were sick or hurt? Would you put your mother/father to sleep if she/he had cancer?

Every individual, no matter how sick or dying, should be allowed to die in the natural manner. There is a mental transition – a spiritual transition- that has to be made along with physical death.

Certainly animals should be allowed to die without any help. When they are ready – they will die. The greatest thing we do for the dying is to show then we care, that we love them. This gives comfort and eases the pain, and can make dying sweet. But when we hasten death by killing them – that does not show love, That takes all the kindness out of our attitude toward their death. They know we don’t love them, that we wanted to end their life quickly to ease our own pain, discomfort.

We are partners in the deaths of our loved ones, and how we act toward them determines if we are assisting in their death, or hurting them more in it. It is a partnership where the dying, and those who assist the dying, both become more spiritual, more charitable.

As for humans – they should be able to make a choice, because they have the ability to express it. If they made a choice to die – it is their own decision. With animals, we do not know their choice, and we cannot anticipate it. But if a human makes a choice to die, I think they should carry it out themselves. Why involve others?

The way humans differentiate between themselves and animals is not the way God intended.

Consider how dogs and cats are treated at shelters. A dog is dragged in against his will. He is frightened. He doesn’t know what will be done to him – maybe tortured. But if he shows any signs of aggression, he is murdered, and if nobody accepts him for adoption, he is killed.

Nobody thinks about these things or questions them.

Imagine such treatment of humans, the homeless. There would indeed be an outcry. But animals – we are taught by our religion they are subhuman, so we can love them or kill them any time we want.

This is absurd. This is male domination thinking. There must be other solutions to the problems of overabundant dogs and cats than to kill them. Women would find such solutions if they were in charge. And I don’t mean in charge as managers of male-made institutions. I mean as creators of their own institutions.

The transgression against animals during hunting season is monumental. Hunting for sport is a sin. There is no reason for it. Killing animals for food – if one really needs it – is not a sin. But many hunters pretend they are hunting for food but really doing it for "fun." It is part of their demonic machism.

End Revelation 4


Is War Inevitable? Is Human Nature, At base, Violent, Selfish & Greedy?

Absolutely not to all of these.

In the taint of the demonic that makes it seem so.

When part of the male race became demonic, these traits were encouraged in other males, and in succeeding generations.

Now it seems as if the demonic spirit overtakes many males even at a young age, even as children. The satanic nature has somehow infiltrated or possessed these males.

Human nature is no more evil than any other animal’s, and animals are good. The chaotic conditions we see on earth are a result of demonic nature, working with and through male domination.

Satan is in "high places" indeed. Satan comes to steal, kill, and destroy! He is the destroyer! He comes to drag souls into hell!

But before doing that, he makes life on earth as much of a hell as possible. He discourages people through the misery he creates through government and society, and by this wedge, causes some people to give up.

Nothing can explain the insanity of outer space explorations – billions wasted – when untold millions are starving; sick and homeless on earth, except the demonic is in charge of the world.


How Do You Look Upon the Dissidents, such as Noam Chomsky?
Those Who Criticise Government Policies Which are Cruel and Unfair?

I look upon Noam Chomsky – and others like him – as the theologians of our church. They fulfill my understanding of how to apply the 2nd commandments of the judeo-christian religion are right.

The commandments to love God, and love neighbor as much as oneself, are two aspects of the same things.

We refer to these as personal salvation and global salvation; but they are intertwined. One cannot love oneself without caring about the neighbor, and loving one’s neighbor (which is anyone in need) is the same as loving God.

In our religion we teach that God is the atom, in the cell. That all life is the same in that all life has God, comes from God, is Godly, is sacred, and that all life returns to God. God loves all life. God dies not love humans more than any other life, God loves all life equally! All life is sacred, venerable, and all life deserves love, respect, freedom, and happiness.

We do not look at life from the top – as if we’re told by God to dominate and do whatever the hell we want with life! We may be the most intelligent – but we are not intelligent to destroy!

We are intelligent over other life the way we are intelligent over our children. We help them live, help them develop. We do not abuse, exploit, mutilate, pollute, poison, strangle, and slaughter our children. We do not do painful experiments on our children. We do not drain the blood out of our children.

This is how we are to look at life and at others. We love all life, and we do not interfere with it. If some life needs help and we can help, we do so. We do not drain the life out of it. We do not control life for our own benefit. We live in partnership with all life, and with others.

People like Noam Chomsky are great minds, which understand how Satan is destroying the world through government. They have the aptitude and faculty to know what is happening, how it is done and the perverted thinking for which it is done.

All those who fight against evil to others – animal, vegetable, or human – the peace movement, animal rights movement, respect for nature movement, movements against oppression of any sort- are fighting against Satan and for God. We must learn what they have to say, and do what we can to help.

It is our duty to spend whatever time and resources we have – no matter how little – to fight against evil and for the good on earth.

I look upon these dissidents and activists as saints, as venerable, as theologians, and sometimes as martyrs. As the Catholic Church venerates its martyrs, we must look upon the tortured activists the same way. Many of these people know they are risking their lives, and they are doing it out of live. Many of them have made a conscious decision to risk their lives and earthly happiness for their cause – and both can be snatched away from them at any time by evil forces. They deserve our love, respect and support.

All righteous dissidents should be studied by those who love God. If we don't, we become victims of the leis told on this earth by Satan.

We need to know how Satan is destroying humans, animals and creation on this planet in order to work against it Satan is "alive and well" on earth.

As Jesus said, he is the prince of this world. He wants us to recognize him, not to know what he is doing.

If we listen only to the mainstream media, we will be deceived. We must study those things that are out of the way, the alternative media, alternative education. Those who know the truth must make every effort to get it known to the world.

This is God’s work.


Revelation 5, Principle 5

Given to the Author 3/29/93

How Will God Change the World So that Male-domination War Governments Will Cease?

God is already on earth in the female and the male, and God is working from within.

God is making – and will increase making – female more "masculine" and male more "feminine."

All things being "equal" in terms of personality- the person with the two x chromosomes will dominate.

One of the reasons the world is changing so is because of this interior change taking place.

What is important to take note of is that the male is fed up with the violence of his own gender and is giving up his violent aggression from within. There are those who want to continue the status quo, but a large number of males want to change the world, and the first person they are changing is themselves. They are becoming more nurturing – more welcome to life –more loving and godly from within.

This is their way of cooperating with earth’s salvation, of welcoming God and woman power back on the earth. God/woman/goodness is manifesting in themselves from within.

The traditional feminine values are nurturing, caring, loving, sensitivity, and giving of life. But these values have been undermined by male domination and kept in check, within certain walls, and used basically for their own benefit. Society and earth have suffered.

Males are now waking up to these realities within themselves.

The traditional male traits of aggression, violence, callousness, killing, torturing, and exploiting are not the traits female will now manifest.

Female domination is wholly different than male domination. If love, benevolence, responsibility, nurturing, caring, welcoming, would be the rule, then we would see the rule of the "feminine."

However, female, like male, has to at times use the traits of hardness, willfulness, violence, ruthlessness, toughness, dominance, and so forth, in order to fight the enemy. Satan, male domination will not lay down for a soft, submissive woman. Woman has to be hard against Satan, and so do good men. It will take violent acts, at times, to stop Satan. When Satan attacks physically, one has to be violent to protect life. Satan comes to kill and one cannot lie down and surrender. That is how the planet came to its present dilemma, the aggression of Satan & the non-aggression of the good.

Woman will not become evil like men have been (& some still are). But woman will have to manifest some forms of aggression, violence, toughness, and so on, to stop the evil.

But this would not be the principal of female government. It would only be a part of it used in resisting evil.

The principal of female governments would be benevolence and caring for all life,

End Revelation 5


What Should Those in Politics Fight For In Order to Set Right the Wrongs?

The equal rights amendment should extend to complete and total equal representation.

There should be male/female partners as mayors, as governors, as representatives as congresspersons, as vice presidents, and there should be both a female and male president.

Never should male be allowed to rule alone. Simply because this leaves out over half the population, and male needs and desires are different than female.

This is something to strive for.

In all cabinet positions, there should be a male and female. In all offices appointed, including judgeships, there should be male and female.

And it is said to be too difficult to have two persons holding the same office, then there should be a system that balances an equal number of male/female in government, judging & so on, across the board,

That is to say, if only males are running for certain offices and at the end, there are more men in congress than female, then there have to be special elections to make sure there is and equal number of females, and perhaps, these could sometimes be appointed. (Although with males appointing females, these females may be male slaves and traitors to their cause.)

There should be an equal number of male and female police. Females should be given equal rights in the military, completely, including all rights of combat. (Although women will in most cases deplore war, they must get the training, the benefits, and the vision of war. They must get the good things military participants get, and they must see first hand the evils of war to help put an end to aggressive wars.) The government doles out a huge amount of benefits to those in the military and women are losing out here as elsewhere. Women should also be allowed to fulfill their patriotic duty equally with men.

In every government job and position there should be equal numbers of female/male.

And this has to be balanced by state. For instance, each state should have equal numbers of male and female in all positions appointments and all jobs.


On What Moral Ground is Euthanasia Wrong?

The transition from this world into the next – to blissful, eternal plane – requires a lot of light. Light is the energy and the substance of God found in all created things, and is also the substance of the eternal blissful realm.

When we assist the dying, whether our species or other- we transmit our light into them, whereby they are better able to make the transition to eternity.

The main reason creatures seek our presence when they are dying is to receive our light. This light is the proof and the power of our live. This deathbed experience is one of exchange of love, mostly with the dying as the recipients. This process applies to human and other species.

When pain becomes really excruciating, when life becomes unbearable, the light should increase in the dying.

The experience of dying, the fear and pain of it, draws upon the resources of God within. And those around the dying are assistants who add their own light for the death experience.

To terminate their life suddenly – against will – is not an act of love. Sometimes a creature is in extreme pain but cannot give up life because it feels unprepared. But when the light increases it can give up its life more easily. To love the dying creature is a great act of love.

Euthanasia – especially for those who cannot register a choice – is a sin. It shows a lack of charity and understanding. To put someone "out of his misery" is not generally true. It is misery for him to know you killed him instead of taking the time and energy to help him make the transition in a godly way.


What of Humans Who Ask for Another to Assist Them in Dying

When humans are asking for help in dying, or expressing a need to die, they are basically asking for help in the transition.

They are expressing their want and need and pain, but to kill them quickly is not the answer.

Any loving person would transmit as much love, understanding, and strength as possible to the person in pain.

This, not sudden death, is what the one in pain really needs. The very act of trying to speak with, to console, to support the one in pain or near death, is assistance. Execution is not the right kind of assistance.

Pain is a trial. Bear that person up.

Death is a transition. Help that person, or creature, make it. The food, the strength, the ticket one needs for this journey is love.


If Kelli Everts is an avatar – who or what is an avatar?

Kelli Everts’s mission as an avatar is to end puritanicalism & the double standard. In matriarchy there was none of the above.

It is mostly by these sexual morays that men dominate. Keep women in bondage through propaganda, mind & body control.

When Kelli Everts founded female bodybuilding it proved that women are not limited genetically or biologically. This has been another perspective on freeing women from male bondage.

Kelli Everts is an avatar. An avatar has special powers. Those powers have been waiting inside the avatar all her life waiting to be released at proper times.

The world has given Kellie Everts lots of recognition, but not as an avatar. They cannot see her from afar, objectively. They don’t see her meaning. They only see how unusual, different she is, & so she is interviewed a lot.

But a long time from now, when Kellie is an older lady, she will be recognized on a higher level. They may not use the word "avatar" but they will recognize her true spirit.

Each step of her life, by mysterious circumstances help comes to Kelli Everts. God always has provided for her when the time came to do something big.

Those who fall away who do not tender help toward her cause or life, are not meant to be in her life. (this can apply to all of us)

God has given Kelli Everts so many spiritual gifts. Talents, virtues, insights, with which she is able to do her life’s work. None of us is sent into the world unarmed when we work for God.


Do avatars know everything?

Avatars – like saints – do not know everything.

They know what they are best at: God & their particular insight or mission from God.

Whatever their failings, faults or deficiencies may be, they are perfect in their mission. They are perfect in their relationship with god & in the mission they have come for.

Earthlings don’t usually recognize avatars because they cant see the forest for the trees. They see the humanness, the physical personality. This familiarity of this breeds contempt.

Jesus could not heal anyone in his home town because no one believed in him there. The faith of the observer activates or blocks the healers or missionaries power.

But avatars eventually reach enough people who do believe in them to do their work. Avatars merely start their work while living. They leave their message in their believers & that makes it go on.


Why nobody has rid the world of puritanicalism & the double standard

Numerous people have spoken against it but have not been able to effect any drastic change. Why? Because they talked.

But Kelli Everts is living proof that sex & godliness – sex & holiness – do mix.

Jesus’ teaching broke the barriers that prevented love. His love was unconditional & universal.

Kelli Everts life will release the stranglehold patriarchy has on women & all life.

By women being free all life and its sexuality, will be seen as sacred once again.


Is Kelli Everts an avatar?

An avatar is, according to the orient, a person who has lived all the lifetimes needed to join god eternally, and yet, after evolving to full union with god, has volunteered to return to earth once again, not to evolve any further, which isn't necessary for that soul, but to help mankind.

Such souls – filled with power – are needed because this world is a hellish place & weaker mortals cannot stand the fire.


Examples of avatars

In the late 1800s to early 1900 lived the inspiration for the Vedanta society of India, an avatar named Ramakrishna. The meaning of his mission was the universality of all religion; that worship in many different kinds of religion, properly pursued. And leads to union with god. In the work of Jesus Christ. His sage was love of one’s neighbor kindness, compassion.

Understand at in Jesus' time, the Jews were an elitist group who looked down on all but they’re own race. They felt they were the chosen people, & all others were beneath them. They respected only other Jews & felt everyone else was outside the pale of god.

But Jesus taught love & compassion for all people & all creatures. He most definitely leaned toward the Hindu & Buddhist belief at its best & was also matriarchal in his love.

A famous Hindu avatar of the medieval days was Krishna, of the warrior caste. He was a shepherd turned king & warrior. He taught that we can find god in the performance of our duty that we are born into.

Whatever our lot in life, when do it & do it well, we will find favor with God.


Her life:

In the life of Kelli Everts she will teach the world an end to puritanical beliefs & the double standard. Her example will change people’s thinking just her life, lived as it is, will do the work.

A woman finds god within herself & proves that a female in the sex trade can be one with God & a spiritual leader (with all the gifts appropriate to a spiritually united soul.)

And so, Kellie should remain in the sex trade no matter how much criticism she gets.

"on this stumbling block I will build my church." the Blessed Mother said to Kellie in 1979.

If the stripper for god can be for real, then it means that sex-sexiness nudity – pornography – is not condemned by god, then sex is not sinful for women or men.



Avatars change things. They represent something new & different, some times radical or revolutionary. Their vision – the concept they teach – is profound & comes into a world that needs that change. They come to change the world so the world does not recognize them (the wisdom of them) until it does change, or grow into that wisdom.

One thing all avatars have in common – they are all in tune with god. Perfectly in Tune. All their insight, vision & strength is God centered.

In their lifetimes they are not completely accepted as they are usually in opposition to the mainstream & status quo. They seem strange, unusual & perhaps out of step because they do not conform to prevailing standards. They are often outside the frame of reference of what is then known or believed.

Recognition for avatars increases as time goes by. The rest of the world recognizes their truth & value more & more. Prejudices & fears melt away after they are dead. Political barriers to their acceptance are gone after they are dead. Their ideas live on & the strength & acceptance of their ideas increases.


Matriarchy vs patriarchy

1. Patriarchy is against women, against nature, against animals, and created the taboos against legitimate sex.

2. Patriarchs are not the rightful stewards of this planet, matriarchs are. Matriarchy must return to restore order on this planet and to bring happiness back to the earth and all life on earth.

3. Matriarchy is the religion of the feminine divine, and this spirit can be in both genders.

4. The ruling patriarchs who established this system are not the majority of men but a minority. Satan has always worked through this minority of men to bring disaster to the planet.

5. Patriarchy always has and always will work through brute force and violence. It is a system of abuse, rape, plunder, murder, exploitation, discrimination and cruelty. The object of its evil is wealth and power for just a few.

6. Patriarchy works through the major religions, governments and institutions on this planet and through big business.

7. Patriarchy is a religion unto itself. It came to earth in an attempt by satanic forces to destroy the earth. It is the spirit of satan.

8. Satan always knew that the male gender is not the rightful leader of the family and world. He knew that by putting male in power great havoc would be wrought upon the earth.

9. The signature evil of patriarchy is nuclear warfare. As long as nuclear power has been invented, the entire planet is in danger until women take over the world. As if men have not done enough damage here they are trying to conquer outer space. The trillions of dollars used for this venture come out of the hands of ordinary people but the regular people are not served.

10. Patriarchal religions are part of the problem. They concentrate on personal salvation and the personal transgressions of ordinary people. But the rich and the powerful who are committing most of the sins are not targeted. Global salvation has not, can not, and will not come through patriarchal religions. They are part of the system of oppressions.

11. Patriarchs see the battle on earth as that of Men vs. Men. The winners get the women and the resources. The battle, however, is between evil men and their women vs. good women and their men. And when good women with good men have won, order will be restored on this planet.

12. Patriarchy cannot and will not continue. God is changing the world from within by changing men and women from within. And this is by the consent of the individuals. Men are becoming more docile while women get more aggressive.

13. In the transformation from patriarchy to matriarchy there will be clashes. But if this change does not occur, the earth could be destroyed. We have been close to world nuclear war and the threat is still a possibility. Many countries have nuclear arms and its pollution. This is the most dangerous problem on our earth.

14. When matriarchy returns, there will be love once again on this planet. People will once again see how interconnected all life is, and that it is obscene to wage war, to kill and destroy the innocent, to pollute and practice cruelty to other animals.there will be strict laws that are enforced against the predators who abuse, rape and kill. Predators will be eliminated from the earth. The reign of Satan will end, and he will crawl back to his hell.

As God said, "the woman shall crush thy head."


Calling believers

I am now calling believers to work with me. I want you to join with me in this cause.

This religion can be an umbrella for all the activism the world needs. This religion has the vision that pulls all efforts for global salvation together.

If you analyze every activist movement you will see that the ills of the world are caused by patriarchy

This religion – this movement – is the only ideology that speaks to the core of all the world's ills.

The core of the world's ills is patriarchy, the solution is matriarchy. By preaching matriarchy, by bringing back the feminine divine, we will restore the ills of the world; all of them!

Matriarchy will not only bring back love it will bring back order, it will not only bring back kindness, it will restore justice.

Let's take the ills of the world one step at a time. First and foremost, the evil of war. In wars of aggression innocent civilians – men, women and children – are wounded, crippled and murdered.

Is war a mother's idea?

War is the main machinery of patriarchy by which it stands.

To bring back matriarchy is a stop to wars of aggression and exploitation. What mother wants two sons to kill each other and her other children mutilated and raped?

The next sin is destruction of the environment and exploitation of animals. Everyone knows how soft women are about nature and animals. It's women that have always involved themselves with gardens and flowers and men bring flowers to women, not the other way around.

The image of goddess or mother god is frequently seen as a woman surrounded by natural things and animals. Whereas the image of god as a man is abstracted from nature, far away, looking down at us as the ultimate judge.

But mother god and mother nature are seen here with us now present with us on our planet.

That's the problem with the patriarchal religion is it is hostile to nature. It sees nature, women and animals as things to be controlled, not things to rejoice in.

Patriarchy is responsible for the atrocity of testing on animals, the inhumane slaughter of animals, and the idea of using too many animals for food. In the farming of domestic herds, numerous wild animals (such as wolves and bison) are sacrificed.

There is too much invasion of wild animals called animal management.

Rules are made in favor of luxuries for humans, comfort for humans, while animal lives are destroyed.

For example, in Florida, dolphins and manatees are chewed up by motor boats just so people can have fun. Motor boats in such areas should be outlawed.

Do people understand that it is our own government that mandates testing on animals? The government is us – in essence we are spending taxpayer money to torture innocent creatures.

The government funds universities and institutions to carry on these crimes.and the government orders pharmaceutical companies and other companies to test products on animals before these demonic drugs are offered to the public.

This brings us to medical science – one of the greatest atrocities upon this earth medical science is a plague upon this earth and a tool of Satan.

And they make it illegal to be healed by any way but through them.

They do not teach prevention of disease and healthy living. They see the elimination of illness as a kind of violent war, where they come at you with knives, dangerous drugs, killer chemicals and radiation.

The world was once upon a gentle course of staying healthy and healing through herbs and natural remedies. It would have evolved and become a powerful science.

But all of that has been made illegal. Patriarchal medicine came into practice by the killing of female practitioners. Much of the inquisition was about stopping natural remedies, used by women in the effort to control women and the environment and all life on this planet, patriarchy has spawned a living hell.

Satan works through patriarchy.

I call upon good men and women to join me in this new religion and to work together to develop a matriarchal community prototype. By our words and example we will preach to the world what life-could be like.

Many of the things we will be saying are things people have been thinking but no one is saying it out loud.

I have been called by mother god to do what I am doing. I've been prepared by her. I guarantee you that her message will be preached by me to the whole world.

Come forward and join us! This movement will be part of history and will change history. You will find meaning in this.

If you are seeking something great that will bring out the greatness in you, come forward. Mother God welcomes you.let us begin the work of global salvation!!


Is patriarchy good to men?

Is patriarchy good to men? If it is mean to women and children, nature, animals and all life, at the very least, is it good to all of the male gender?

The answer is no!!

Patriarchy is wicked toward all men who love women, nature and life. It is mean to men who are peaceful, nurturing and in tune with the feminine divine. It deplores men who are spiritual, sensitive.

Reasonable intellectuals, and men who at the very least respect women and care about our children patriarchy loves brutality toward life. Its stock-in-trade is war, repression, exploitation, cold-heartedness and control.and so, patriarchy rewards primarily those men who agree with such traits.

Patriarchy welcomes cold brutal, insensitive men who do not mind bombing countries and killing, mutilating and raping innocent people and children. And all this for the purpose of not defense, but economic enrichment for the few.

Patriarchy does not want men who ask questions. It wants men who are blindly obedient and will take part in war whenever the billionaires deem it is necessary for whatever reason.

Patriarchy does not approve of sensitive men who venerate women as the mothers of life. It approves of men that see women as objects. Objects for sex, objects for breeding, and objects who do housework, laundry and the background work needed to free up macho men.

While women are tied up in this menial labor what does it free macho men to do? They do anything but what god wants them to do. They chase after other women and they are free to get involved in extracurricular activities such as social, cultural and government leadership; involvement in sports and games.

And bonding with other men where they decide the fate of women and how to control them.

Now what happens to the women who are doing this background work? They are at the mercy of one individual macho man and his social circle.

Do these women bond with other women and get a chance to improve their lot and the lot of other women and their children?

Of course not!

Women are at odds with one another. Once a woman marries a macho man, she is doomed!

These women do not talk to, do not associate with other women unless these women also belong to patriarchy. They have joined a certain ideology, a certain religion with men at the top. So they hang out only with other women that have sold out their freedom and individuality to men.

They cannot and will not see themselves or other women as leaders because that betrays patriarchal values. They are lost.

After the ring goes on the finger their trials begin. The first child there’s still hope. By two or more, it is almost impossible for a woman to stand on her own two feet because even if the individual man leaves her and in theory she is free.

She becomes the economic slave of the ruling patriarchy. Her sole struggle in life, because of the children, is to survive.

If women stayed alone or in groups of matriarchal centers, this would not happen.

But men hate that!

They grow frantic at the thought of single women fighting for freedom or women living in groups supporting one another.

This is a challenge to patriarchy!

Women must hate one another for patriarchy to continue. Patriarchy depends on controlling the behavior of women or it cannot exist.

The fact that women have been breaking out of the mold for about the last thirty years gives me the platform to speak these words, and the atmosphere for you to hear me.

The patriarchal family and the double standard are falling apart. Our culture is in the death throes of the patriarchal system but the billionaires are still holding on! Our culture is in a chaos, because the old system doesn't work but a new system has not yet been put into place.

We have been in a monumental transition for thirty years. And I am the only person I know who is publicly proclaiming the one and only righteous answer to where we must go – dare I say it – from patriarchy to matriarchy.

There are signs all over the place that patriarchy is crumbling. It is holding on for dear life, as it falls apart at the seams.

In 1993 God dictated to me a new religion. In this philosophy God told me how she is changing the world from within.

She is here on earth, hidden within us. And she is changing the earth through us. Men are becoming more docile, sensitive and obedient. Women are becoming more aggressive and matriarchal.

So I am not a maverick standing apart proclaiming something that does not exist.

I am a visionary who sees what is coming. We do not have to fear for the future but simply prepare for it.

We have to get our minds together to go with the flow – to go with what is leading toward the future and to release the stranglehold of the old, unworkable ideas from our minds.

We can breathe a sigh of relief that there is a God, and God is doing something!


What about sex?

This religion of mother god and matriarchy sees sex in a positive, natural light and sees sex as an expression of natural yearnings not only yearnings of the genital type but yearnings for camaraderie, fellowship, affection, fun and love through friendly fun and games and social intercourse

A lot of the intensity of sexual yearnings is diffused – people need to be accepted, recognized, and all people need affection and love.

Sexual intercourse does not of itself solve all the needs for love or even sex. There is a lot of friendly affection and flirtation that has to go on socially for us to feel good.

But women and children have to be protected from unwanted harassment and aggression and in matriarchy, the women stick together for protection of themselves and children and the men who love them protect them from predatory males.

In patriarchy, because it is the opposite of all that

God wants predatory males have done the damage to women and children. They are the seducers who hurt and abandon, and they are the rapists child abusers and batterers.

In patriarchy they got away with this behavior and it is only now, slowly but surely, this is being addressed.


What is the purpose of sex anyway? Is it only for procreation?

The purpose of-sex is to stimulate and relax the central nervous system and to enliven and invigorate every gland and cell in the body.

To stop all sexual behavior including masturbation can have dire consequences on the body. It can cause total intestinal paralysis.

Besides the good health brought to ones own body, when two happy consenting adults have sex, they share good feelings, joy affection and sometimes even love. People bond with sex, people develop relationships with sex.

Sex is a blessing. It is fun. To say that sex is for procreation only takes all the fun out of it.

We need to start beginning to look at nudity and sex with a healthy happy attitude.

Prudishness, hypocrisy and the double standard are sins!

Before I end with the subject of is patriarchy good to men, I must end with two glaring subjects that need attention.


One is how does patriarchy deal with homosexual men and two how does patriarchy deal with sincere macho men who go to war?

As far as homosexual men, patriarchy is extremely wicked toward them. It wants all men to harass and use women as objects, and gay men don't do that.

It wants men to keep women barefoot and pregnant, and gay men don't do that.

Patriarchy treats men who are gay almost as badly as it treats women.

Secondly, as far as sincere macho men who are patriotic the patriarchy uses them as cannon fodder. It uses them in tests for nuclear warfare, tests for drugs such as LSD and whatever.

If any man is dumb enough to be a patriot in the macho man patriarchy, he gets what he deserves. He is used as an object and a subject for war and all the atrocities of war.


What is important about the image of god – what qualities should an image of god have?

An image of god should inspire faith – trust confidence and love.

An image of god can take on many forms as long as those forms are consistent with the truth of what god is.we cannot imagine god or have faith in god, or have trust, confidence and love in god unless we understand god's qualities.

We cannot build an image of god in our minds or in the material realm unless we know who and what god is.

I am proposing the image of god to be female instead of male for lots of logical reasons.

Although god is pure energy and infinity and not just a human but all things we have trouble imagining concepts like energy and infinity. And we have trouble relating to these ideas as a relationship.

The easiest image to conceive in ones mind and relate to at the same time and evoke the feelings of faith, trust, confidence and love is the image of mother.

Not all mothers are alike – there are good and bad. But we speak of a good and ideal mother.

The concept of father does not evoke the same ideas or feelings, although some fathers are better than some mothers, generally speaking, on a global scale, the majority would be in closer harmony with one's mother.

For those whose mothers have been faulty these children imagine the ideal mother in persons like the blessed virgin mother, kalio, or some loving relative.

Qhen we pray, when we relate to god, our success depends on how much faith and inspiration our image of god gives us. If the image is successful, it galvanizes our energies and the chemistry in our bodies and brains.

And as the saying goes, "With God all things are possible."

Jesus said you could do anything with faith. You could tell a mountain to move and it would with the proper faith evoked by the proper images you can remove all the problems of your life, draw all success to yourself including health and healing: remove all obstacles to happiness and receive every perfection there is.

But you must have faith, inspired by right images and you must galvanize, summon and focus that faith. Faith, like love, cannot just sit there.

Love is not real until it is "given away." You can't sit around all day doing nothing and say you have love. You have to relate to someone or something to project your love.

Faith is like love. You have to act on it, you must move.

You begin with lots of things by simply praying on them.

Then when you are psyched up enough, you go into action on it. Results begin if it is the right time. If it's not the right time, they will happen later.

No righteous prayer or action is ever wasted. Simply the results may be delayed.

This is what religion is all about: right ideas, right images and understanding of ideas.

Right prayers and right actions to change ourselves and our world.

This is what religion has to offer.

This is the purpose of religion.