Violating Taboos

Subject: Violating Taboos
From: TheCallan (
Date: Mon 18 May 1998 - 16:50:12 BST

"People who appear in public dressed in clothing not assigned to their sex, or
worse, who attempt to portray themselves as being born a different sex,
violate a basic taboo, a moral tenent that is at the heart of this culture,
dating back to the Bible.

"We cannot trust people who so easily violate taboos to behave in a socially
responsible manner, so we should keep them at a distance, keep them separated
from innocent children, and not allow them to take public roles.

"Society is based on comformity to simple, fair and equitable rules, and those
who knowingly violate these rules, even to the point of lying about who they
are, are not trustworthy.

"We have a responsibility to help them understand the rules and ask that they
follow basic social courtesy and civility before extending our hands to them
or rewarding them with any of the benefits of a civilized culture. If we
accept their deviant behavior, flaunting basic social agreements, then we
approve of their lifestyle and send a message to our children that such taboo
behavior is acceptable, which muight lead the children into deviant and
dstructive behavior. We must be clear that anyone who engages in such
behavior must be "a few bricks short of a load," having some personality
problems or illness.

"People who violate basic taboos, no matter how much they claim "they have to"
have no place in a moral society."

Do you think this is a good summary of the case against transgendered
expression and the people who engage in such expression? How would you state
the case against acceptance of transgender expression?



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