Violating Transsexuals

Subject: Violating Transsexuals
From: TheCallan (
Date: Wed 20 May 1998 - 16:13:41 BST

This argument against transgender comes from my archives

Subj: L-NTG-TS
Date: 06/07/95

Thank you for your inquiry about the League of Non-"Transgendered"
Transsexuals (L-NTG-TS).

As you may know, L-NTG-TS is a group of transsexuals who are exercising their
right to not be included in the vague and broad definition of "transgendered"
that is being touted as the politically correct banner for all manner of
people, from fetishists to crossdressers. We refuse to be swept with this
broad brunch and boldly proclaim our own uniqueness!

To us, it is clear that the word "transgendered" is so vague to be
meaningless, and will only confuse the world in general. If such a broad
range of people are thrown in together, then the achievements and specialness
of all of them will be destroyed. The relatively recent move toward a new
"transgendered" political correctness will only further divide the various
segments of the gender community.

We refuse to accept the word "transgender" for ourselves because it is vague &
misleading. It is kind of like making up a new term such as "rufu" for
cherries and red apples because they are both red fruit. The truth is that a
red apple has much more in common with a green apple than it does with a

The nebulous and vague term "transgendered" giving people the wrong message
about who and what we are. For example, the word "transgendered" may allow
people to confuse legitimate transsexuals, living their lives as women or men,
with drag queens and even crossdressers, who clearly are quite different,
dressing for their own, usually sexual, pleasure. This confusion will only
lead to the destruction of the power of transsexuals.

"Transgendered" is a very misleading term. Although transsexuals,
transvestites and drag queens are all referred to as "transgendered", the are
actually much more different than they are alike.
We encourage all right-thinking transsexuals to stand up and make it clear
that we will not be included in the swamp of "transgender!" You can do your
part by boldly proclaiming the incredible differences between us and the rest
of the so called "transgendered" people. We, who have become women or
men,make the point that we were always thus, not like some pretenders who play
with clothes or other so called "gender" cues.

We were born as women or men, and just had a little birth defect between our
legs God may not have made a mistake in our case, but nature certainly did,
and through the miracles of modern medicine, we have corrected nature's
mistakes! We are now who we are supposed to be, not like some people! We
were transsexual, but post-operatively we are cured, our bodies finally in
harmony with our birth gender, the gender we always knew we were, no matter
how we were raised. We are ex-transsexuals, women and females.

We are the transsexed, the ones who have a clear and different approach. We
do not change our gender, but rather change our body to match our gender. Our
gender has nothing to do with our social training, only the rightness of our
natural vision of ourselves! We would only be transgendered if we lived in
the role of the body we were born with, and while we may have done that, we
have done it only under duress.

Everyone should have the right to express their gender identity as they choose
but lumping us all together under the "transgendered" umbrella has no real
benefit or logic We don’t want to be "liberated" from the "heterosexist
gender system", liberated from being a woman. We are women and we enjoy being
women. We are SHE and not HE - period. The reality of society is that we have
a male and female gender system that shows no significant signs of changing.
A thousand years from now, if the human race survives, there will still be a
male and female gender system. We must simply live in the real world as best
we can while we try to increase society’s tolerance and acceptance of ALL
sexual minorities.

We are not transgendered, not transgressive anything. We are transsexuals,
people born with a body different than their mind, and people who, once
medical science gets our body in synch are simply women or men, nothing else.

We are concerned that a disagreement over the terminology of transgender could
be used against us, so we have decided to stand together and fight! If you
want to stand up and be counted for as a member of L-NTG-TS, please join


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