Re: Are you a Flip?

Subject: Re: Are you a Flip?
Date: Fri 26 Feb 1999 - 00:50:07 GMT

In a message dated 2/25/99 4:52:40 PM Eastern Standard Time,

> But it IS short and it IS positive.
> (And if you don't like it, let's hear some other suggestions.)

thats the problem with having a marketing mind -- 'there is no off position on
the genius switch,' as david letterman is fond of saying.

Flips. People who flip the sex/gender link. They get a little flippy. Gays,
Lesbians, Bisexuals and Flips. Did you hear? She's a flip. By being
flippant, they tend to flaunt convention a bit, but they are good people.
Watch out or they will flip you too! I'll flip you like a cheese omlette.
I'll have a chocolate flip please, with a hot dog on the side. There was
someone at the other table who must have been a flip. Their son shows signs
of flipping. Maybe they flipped out, but it's probably just a stage. I don't
know what he was doing, but from here he looked like he was turning flips.
Backflip or forward flip? She had her hair alll done up in a flip. Flip it
before it burns!

Flips. My suggestion for a label for people who flip the sex/gender link
(otherwise known as trannies or queers.)



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