the assumption of overwhelming heterosexuality.

Subject: the assumption of overwhelming heterosexuality.
Date: Mon 23 Aug 1999 - 23:40:45 BST

The one thing I will be happy not to have to be challenged with when I leave
trans-theory is that humans, across time and cultures that have been studied,
are overwhelmingly heterosexual and reasonably content with a system that
divides people by reproductive organs. That doesn't mean they like the
system the way it is implemented, or they don't have quibbles with the
system, just that even when they do want changes, they have shown they want
to continue some system that divides people by reproductive biology.

Is it an assumption that people are overwhelmingly heterosexual (or at least
bisexual) and like separation by reproductive biology? Sure. It just seems
to be an assumption that is as well proven as any other assumption we can
make in social studies.

Maybe humans aren't really that grounded in all this stuff, and a couple
thousand years of recorded history & study of humans and biological
observations of mammals in general will be proven wrong, showing that humans
are really neuter and totally bisexual, that all gendering is socially
imposed. Maybe.

But I see no evidence to show that is true.

There is a normal and a normative. The mainstream is the mainstream for good
reasons, not just arbitrary oppression.

At least that's the assumption I'm working on.



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