Callan's Bio:

Ethnic Heritage: Ukranian & English

Birthplace: Toronto 9/10/54, 6:23PM (proudly Canadian!)

High School: Lynnfield Mass, 1972

Obsessions: Makeup Slut -- using your face as a work of art allows powerful transformations.

Turn-ons: being told great stories of a specific human life. When we get specific, we find what connects each one of us.

Scripture: A Course In Miracles, A Joseph Campbell Companion: Reflections On The Art Of Living

Fave Music: Western Swing!
(I was a Texas roadhouse owner in a silk dress in a previous life.) In truth, I love human music, from showtunes and cabaret to latin.

On Becoming Fabulous:

My answers to the three questions asked of the TwoLip / Pride Queen Candidates:

1) What is the biggest problem facing the gay community today?

The biggest problem facing the gay community today is a lack of fabulousitity. We have all these fabulous people out there and they all want to be normal, to fit in and be BORING! Well, that is the big problem:
Being boring and just like everyone else means we give up our own fabulousity, our own incredible gifts that we should be proud of. We need to trust the gifts our creator gave us, get out there and just be fabulous!
The biggest problem we have is that we forget how fabulous we are when we just come from our own heart,
and that means we have a lack of fabulousity.

2) If you could change one thing in the community, what would it be?

I would make sure that everyone is reminded every morning that they are the star in their own lives.
Their life, their future and their world are what they make it, and as long as they don't focus on being the best they can, on writing their own script, being the owner, star, and shall I say "diva" in their own life, they will always be swamped by the expectations and scripts of others. I want everyone to know in every moment
that they are the star of their own life, and their choices -- including the choice to be fabulous --
makes their life exactly what it is -- and as the star, I hope they make it fabulous!

3) What would being TwoLip/Pride Queen mean to you?

It would mean I have a platform to look people in the face and say "You are gorgeous and brilliant, so come on and shine!" As the queen, I could let my own light shine, and though that shining help others to find their own brilliance and fabuousity. I would be able to stand up with pride and say "I am what I am!"
and help give others the courage to come out, be who they are and be fabulous!

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