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When you see your life as a series of stories,
you will understand your life as a series of performances.
        Callan Williams

Performance requires performance.
        Callan Williams

The road to enlightenment
leads right past gender.
        Callan Williams

There are so many ways that
we sabotage our own divinity, our own possibilities.
and the mythologies of race and gender
may well head the list.
        Callan Williams

Life is a performance art.
        Callan Williams

I'm trans. Get over it.
Of course, first I have to get over it. . .
        Callan Williams

So many roles to play, so little time.
That's probably the topic of my life.
        Callan Williams

You can't just feel happy;
to feel anything you have to feel everything.
        Callan Williams

Life is a struggle with the obvious.
We have been so blinkered with expectations
or so blinded with choices
that seeing and accepting the obvious
becomes rare and courageous.
        Callan Williams

Families are tricky...
Ah, the tangled webs of DNA we weave
when we practice to conceive.
        Callan Williams

A commitment to social justice requires
a commitment to personal responsibility.
A commitment to personal responsibility requires
a commitment to social justice.
        Callan Williams

In this media world,
we have to learn to scream
to get the attention
that allows others
to hear us whisper.
        Callan Williams

Instead of striving to be like Jesus
most Christians would rather presume
Jesus was just like them.
        Callan Williams

The Internet is so full of newbies that
people keep reinventing the wheel.
Problem is, it's often the same people.
It is so much easier to stay on the surface --
and so much less productive.
        Callan Williams

Women wear themselves on their sleeves,
but men stay hidden in uniforms, and through that
they lose the chance to connect about who they are.
        Callan Williams

If men are from mars
and women are from venus
then trannies are from earth.
        Callan Williams

A corset enhances the shape of the body,
concentrating, binding and forming it.
Add to that the revelation of garters, framing the mons,
and a corset acts as a lens,
focusing the power of womanly flesh,
knocking out eyes and hearts.
        Callan Williams

When closeted queers act out against other queers
because we want to destroy what reflects the queerness in us, or
because we want to gain status as one of the gang,
when closeted queers choose not to speak against queer oppression
because we fear being outed because of our actions,
it is then
we become our own worst enemies.
        Callan Williams

In the "transgender community"
it's not only rude to out someone
it's rude to acknowledge that someone is out
in case they don't know that they are.
        Callan Williams

To be a good consumer today all you have to do is
figure out the business plan of the company you buy from
so you can determine how they plan to profit from you
in ways which will sneak by or surprise you.
        Callan Williams

Normativity is like a brown paper bag --
you never know what's inside.
It could be apple pie or a ticking time bomb.
Give me a world with colorful packaging
so I can glimpse the contents inside.
        Callan Williams

Why do people who want to call themselves "warriors"
often despise the warriors who had the courage
to risk their lives,
to kill or be killed in war?
        Callan Williams

Its easy to believe that others see
the flaws we see in ourselves
when they actually may be seeing
completely different flaws.
        Callan Williams

If one partner in a relationship
swears there is no difference
between men and women
they aren't the woman.
        Callan Williams

People who don't want to eat anything
with a name they can't pronounce
should watch out, because
someone snuck some desoxyribonucleic acid
into into their last meal.
        Callan Williams

There is no trend you cannot dismiss
with the words "slippery slope."
        Callan Williams

The problem with being a teacher
is that people want to pay for answers
not the more important questions.
Your growth and learning is not something you can sub-contract .
        Callan Williams

If you think the body is the sexy bit
try bringing a corpse home
and see how much fun you have in the bedroom.
        Callan Williams

If you are not working to integrate your life
you are working to disintegrate it.
        Callan Williams

People often get pissed at seeing
their own reflections in a polished mirror --
"Why should you be that polished? Get dull like us!" --
It's the people who can't look at their own human scars
who hate mirrors -- and hate bright, shiny people.
Callan Williams

Maybe some people want to be lesbians or gay men
to be a part of the crowd
but nobody wants to be transsexual to be part of a crowd --
they just want to be themselves.
Callan Williams

The big division in the "gender community" is between
those who are working hard to be something
and those who are working hard to be nothing at all.
        Callan Williams

Until we know what we are
rather than just what we are not
we stay a child.
        Callan Williams

A masquerade,
where we lose our identity for a while
is a joyous moment
only if it leads us
back into a fuller appreciation
for our whole life.
        Callan Williams

Our stories are a ladder to God
but fundamentalists worship their ladder rather than
the destination to which all our ladders lead.
        Callan Williams

By being bold in your own life
you give other people the chance
to do the right thing.
        Callan Williams

I prefer science for the things we can explain,
but for the things we can't explain,
I still prefer myth.
It is still our stories that connect us with God.
        Callan Williams

Stupidity comes from people
who want to do their old routine with a cheap shortcut
rather than doing the work of finding a new routine
that is legal, moral, and also easier.
        Callan Williams

Nice is nice,
but hot is hot.
        Callan Williams

Christianity is like tofu.
It's good basic stuff, stories & traditions,
but it takes on the flavor of what it's used in.
In the hands of a good cook, it's great
but used badly it can be horrible.
        Callan Williams

How does one deal with transpeople?
Honor who people show you they are,
not who you expect them to be.
See their heart,
not just their body and/or history.

Of course, that's how you should deal with everyone.
        Callan Williams

She who is reborn
In every moment
Will truly know
The glory of God.
        Callan Williams

Vegetarians who believe that
their diet somehow makes them more holy than carnivores
make the argument that
the rabbit is somehow more holy than the tiger.
        Callan Williams

Nobody ever complains that
you are treating them like a child
when you
listen to their stories,
encourage their dreams,
and tell them how special they are.
        Callan Williams

When you try to be too many things at once
most people can't pick out the threads
only hearing noise & conflict
and not what you want to say.
The question must be asked:
nuance or noise?
        Callan Williams

All kids have a clear idea of how their mother should look.
        Callan Williams

Our stories are a ladder to God
but fundamentalists worship their ladder rather than
the destination to which all our ladders lead.
        Callan Williams

You stop being a child when you can look at what you love and see the flaws.
You become an adult when you can see the flaws in something or someone and not walk away from them.
        Callan Williams

Transgender is just the fight against type-casting, carried on to real life.
        Callan Williams

What kind of conflict do you like?
Where will you jump in and fight the good fight -- body, heart, mind or spirit?

If you say you don't like conflict at all, then you have stopped growing,
because it is only through engaging differences
to find common ground or to triumph
that we become new and invigorated.

Pick your battles,
but always have some place you embrace conflict.
        Callan Williams

The more facets it shows, the more beautiful a jewel is.
The more facets they show, the more beautiful a person is.
        Callan Williams

For men to be men, women must be women.
For women to be women, men must be men.
        Callan Williams

Every human relationship is on some level base,
is on some level opening to the dysfunction of the other
as well as to their divinity,
because no human can only be divine
while they live in a finite world of flesh.
        Callan Williams

Transgender is just the fight against
type-casting, carried on to real life.
        Callan Williams

The problem with aging is that
your stuffing starts to come out.

You don't have the youth, looks and energy
to keep stuffing the feelings you tried to hide.

To grow old is to face who you are
behind the mask you created in youth
face the spirit which lives in a decaying body.
        Callan Williams

People who don't get turned on often enough short out.

We need all four turn ons -- body, heart, mind & spirit.

Being turned on in any one area has a bleed though effect,
opening the bliss and keeping us fully alive.
        Callan Williams

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