Why you should leave this web page now.

(a warning about this rant)

Callan Williams is a known troublemaker. Williams claims to be transgendered, but in a keynote speech to IFGE, called for the end of the Benjamin/Prince models, which everyone knows to be the foundation of transgender thinking.

In their place, Williams has crafted some cockamamie ideas based on the feminist principles that biological sex and social gender are two distinct, if related, structures. This goes against the basic understanding everyone grows up with, which Williams calls "heterosexist," whatever that means, and that people worry about trannies stealing babies.

Williams goes on and on about "the primary duality" of wild versus tame, the obligation to be both a good, contributing, compromising, well behaved and respectful member of society and an independant, free, unique person who marches to the beat of their own drummer at the same time! As lunatic as this sounds, Williams goes on to say that we can never be two things at the same time, rather we only switch back and forth between positions, but some switch so fast they appear to be in multiple places at the same time.

"Transgender is either about pure transformation, or about nothing at all." What drivel! And to pair that with a piece about how transgender demands economic freedom rather than a sound socialist view seems incredibly incongrous. How can Williams even claim to discuss how we deal with TG in the world or the price of passing?

In addition to dismissing the classic models of both transsexual and transvestite, Williams goes on to include both horrible poetry and speeches which are supposed to be empowering and uplifting. There are some shallow one liners, and even mocking of those among us who are hurting.

While Williams claims "Its the penis," they still demand respect for what they admit can be seen as lies. Williams even demands that we be able to substantiate our claims while having the audacity to talk what parents might say and what they may fear.

In short, no matter how much Williams wants to talk about transgender like it's normal, they are nothing but a troublemaker. Get out of here before its too late!

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