Selected Posts from the Queer Studies List

and transvestites.....

Transgendered not Queer?

Is TS pathological?

TG Hypothetical

Unnatural Identities

Transgender Desire

passing, complicity & oppression

So, This TG Person
Walks Into A Gay Bar. . .

Sex as Theater

Copulate or Be?

Objects Of Desire

Beyond Sexual Orientation

Some notes
on being transgendered.

Feeling Like A ________

Changing Manly,
Changing Womanly

Is Gender Bad?

Doing The Work.

Untwisting The Pretzel

"Short Attention Spans"
for $100, Alex

Avenging Angels

RuPaul & The Queer-O-Meter

Emotional Thought,
Thoughtful Emotion

Assigning Motives

The Pleasures of Determism

Sit And Spin

The "Right" To Understand?

The Myth Of
Identity Politics

New Year, New Commitment,
New Life:

Morals, Values, Beliefs

Attacking Our Fear

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