Callan Williams:

Crash a bang story.
The Tranny Point 10/13/99
notes from my rant 10/22 reconstituting from labels?
group distinctions category or indvidual?
mission from god 10/22
guy-in-a-dress 10/22
halloween 99 I am a witch
fight of the flesh 12/16/99

Embracing Pretty  
I am, not  
no guy at all  

Look At Me Don't look at me!
Pick A Gender What does being TG feel like?
Tranny Breakdown, 1998 Whew
we are beautiful, iam beautiful  
"She is" claiming beauty
To Do  
drink breathe air of freedom, water of connection
state of grace  
gunkypuss Change the body?
a queer sadness does sadness == safety?
trans-sexual sexuality in a trans way
trannybladders an ode to transgender bladders
the path is chosen  
a moment out of loneliness  
spun thought dreams to realities
wax ears blockage to hearing
Becoming Fearless  
What The Hell Do I Do With A Penis?  
Time Disco spinning into the past
Broken Cock  
hoochie mama  
The O word Overwhelming!

Roller Coaster Poems

how do you deal with people who hate you?  
Normal Is Normal or Normative?
Fear Is My Friend  
between conformity and seclusion a prayer
Gender Mugged somebody stole my gender.
Affirmation & Acceptance  
the lost children of transgender mothers for Kate
Live And Learn Claiming Growth
Give Yourself Some Credit  
Stand Up, Stand Out  
wrong, right?  
It's about me.  
Run ! My Unconscious Is On The Loose!  
Get Over It  
friend or enemy?  
Knife Tip slice it out
StarOff I just want to be normal
face value  
Reclaiming / Stolen  
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